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When did trays become so hip? I mean it used to be that a tray was something from a cafeteria that helped you carry your food to the table or even worse, something the dentist used to line up his tools as you sat in the chair! Now, trays are all the rage. They are making appearances in libraries, kitchens, and bathrooms…they’re all over the place.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations Design J. Randall Powers in Architectural Digest

I have to admit that trays can be very handy when decorating. If you have a group of accessories that you want to feature, then put them on a tray. This is also a great way to unite a lot of small items that might look lost by themselves, like a tray of seashells. Or try using a tray to unify a color scheme for other accessories on your coffee table. This bold orange, white, and black tray ties all the accessories together for an impactful, interesting design.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignImage from Lonny

This subtle tray with marbleized paper was used by Thom Filicia in the 2015 Kips Bay Showhouse. I’m telling you they are hot, hot, hot.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignThom Filicia via Design Chic

Sometimes you need more than one tray to get it just right and everyone knows that two hot pink trays are better than one!

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations Design Image from

Here are my top five favorite trays.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignImage from Urban Retreat Furniture

1. A white plastic tray makes accessories pop and it’s easy to clean if you use it for serving.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignTory Burch

2. An acrylic tray is elegant and looks great in either modern or traditional interiors.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignWest Elm


3. A mirrored tray reflects light and colors from around the room…always a pretty choice.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignImage from

4. A lacquered tray is attractive and of course, a monogram makes it all the better. Did you notice the tray within a tray? They’re multiplying.

Audrey Curl - Ornamentations DesignOne Kings Lane

5. A gold tray is striking and looks great with books, glassware, or a pretty flower arrangement. I love the faux skin on this one.

Don’t you want one of each? They really are très chic!


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