Flowers and Interiors

As many of you know, I am arranging a lot of flowers these days. I find that arranging flowers is very relaxing and I love having a beautiful creation to place in my home or a client’s home when I’m finished. Interiors need flowers! Don’t you just love the scent, colors, and textures of a flower arrangement gracing your dining table, your bedroom, or your entry hall? My arrangements run from avant-garde (think crazy sticks and rusted iron) to more traditional classic designs, but they all work in any home setting.


One of my avant-garde arrangements using dried ginger root

I am currently taking Ikebana lessons and loving the whole “less is more” philosophy. I just adore the sculptural look of a Japanese-inspired design. The clean lines and spare floral material of Ikebana make for an interesting contrast in a traditional interior, but also look great in a more contemporary interior.


Sculptural design by floral designer Keith Stanley


I created this simple design for a modern interior

As much as I gravitate to more modern designs, I recently decided that I should get some additional instruction in classic floral design. So, I traveled to San Francisco to take a floral design class from Kiana Underwood at her studio, Tulipina. Her stunning designs are captivating and beautiful, so I was very excited to learn some new techniques. I have a long way to go before my designs are “Tulipina worthy”, but I sure enjoyed my first attempt.


My traditional flower arrangement created as a dining table centerpiece

When thinking about flower arrangements for your home, look for interesting containers or vessels and unusual plant material. Select plant material that has texture and plant material that has soft delicate blooms. It’s all about the combination of colors and textures that make for a statement piece in your home.


Arrangement designed by Ornamentations showing hard and soft textures

Let us know if you would like to have some floral arrangements custom done for your interiors. They are a design statement that provides so much enjoyment.

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